“A mature insect, including a moth or butterfly, is called an ‘imago’; the plural is ‘imagines,’ and the cells that bring about that maturity in moths and butterflies and other flyers are called ‘imaginal cells.’  These cells lie dormant in the larval creature and begin to reinvent it in its mature form, its imago, when the caterpillar has dissolved itself into a thick fluid and its old life is over; it’s a death and resurrection at midlife.” 

Rebecca Solnit

Imago offers a variety of groups, workshops, retreats, and courses devoted to:


  • Cultivating soulful engagement with our lives and with the world

  • Slowing down and carving out spaces for reflection, creativity, and expression

  • Engaging with myths, dreams, and imagination to explore what lies beneath the surface of things

  • Deepening into our experiences and understanding our stories in new ways 


As we do this, we encounter the possibility of falling into the rhythms of soul and imagination.  Events become experiences as we deepen into them and tap in to the currents running beneath and through our everyday lives.