In Greek mythology, Artemis – Lady of the Wild and Goddess of the Moon – is also the patroness of childbirth.  As an ambassador of the wild, unclaimed, and untouched self, this eternal virgin arrives at the moment of a woman’s transition into motherhood.


In our current cultural paradigm, there seems to be a palpable pressure for a woman to sacrifice her whole self in order to be a "good" mother.  Therefore, many women are forced to wrestle with the same issue: how to be a "good" mother and still be wholly and fully herself; in other words, how to give the nurturance and support that the role requires and still have space for her own needs, ambitions, vocations, and emotions.


 It is significant, then, that Artemis - the virginal goddess of the untouched wilderness - is the goddess who shows up at the moment of a woman’s transition into motherhood.  Looked at psychologically and archetypally, we can wonder about the significance of the arrival of this powerful figure at this particular moment.


In this circle, we will explore the role of Artemis, the wild and undomesticated forces of the soul, in the midst of mothering.  We will explore the ways Artemis reminds a woman that she must fiercely protect her wild and undomesticated self and how she reminds a woman of her at-one-ness and demands that a she never give her self fully way.  


Please note, this is not a “how to” parenting group. 


This circle is meant to be a meaningful exploration of the ways in which each of us, in our own uniqueness, can answer the call to be loving and nurturing mothers while also remembering our wild hearts.  


Please contact Vanya if you are interested in joining this circle and would like registration information.