Do you long for a symbolic and mythic life?


The Imago Center for Soulful Living offers unique experiential and educational opportunities for meaningful, soulful engagement with our lives, with each other, and with the world in which we live.

Drawing from the rich traditions of Jungian and archetypal studies within depth psychology, Imago offers programs and events that range from experiential to academic in nature, seeking to engage the whole person and to honor the diversity, multiplicity, and complexity of psyche and soul.  


Imago is rooted in a belief that even as we are embedded in a culture that strongly favors fast-paced movement, the surface of things, and upward growth, we are thirsty for more—for slowness, for depth, for what lies beneath the surface of things, for downward movement into the realm of imagination, soul, myth, and dream.

We hope you will consider joining our community!

"The swan doesn’t cure his awkwardness by beating himself on the back, by moving faster, or by trying to organize himself better.  He does it by moving toward the elemental water, where he belongs.  It is the simple contact with the water that gives him grace and presence.  You only have to touch the elemental waters in your own life, and it  will transform everything."

- David Whyte