Coracle: Rediscovering Voice, Intuition, and Calling

A Nine Month Course for Mothers in Transition

Begins Sept 14th

Is your youngest going to kindergarten?

Are you wondering what is next for you?

Come join us as we engage with myth, ritual, reflection, and community during this season of incredible transition!


Change can be challenging! When the youngest kid starts school, mothers who have been mostly home for years suddenly find themselves at the edge of a complex season of transition.  While transition can be terrifying, these liminal spaces—the spaces in between—also offer profound opportunities for deep exploration and transformation. 


This program offers itself as a container, like a coracle, for safe passage across this season of transition.  In this program, mothers have the opportunity to reflect, deepen, and reconnect with their intuition, voice, and calling.  In a small group setting, we will explore what the past season has meant and what the next season is becoming.

By the end of our nine months together, we hope you will:

  • Feel closer to your intuition and be better able to choose what your really want (not just what is in front of you or what is expected)

  • Have had the space to reflect upon this past season, both celebrating the triumphs and relishing the joy as well as grieving what was lost and naming what was sacrificed

  • Open up your imagination about the possibilities this next chapter of your life holds

  • Have ideas for how to clear space for your soul work and creative life

  • Be able to say “no” when needed

  • Have developed a strong ability to discern what you need more of and what you need less of

  • Not be afraid to use your voice and show up in substantial ways in your own life


Course Format:


The program consists of:

  • A two hour gathering every month (Wednesday morning)

  • Weekly online community

  • Short weekly reading and experiential assignments.   



1. Installments:  

            Deposit $85 upon enrollment

            Monthly payments of $35 due on first of each month (Sept-May)


2. Upfront Payment:

      Deposit $100 upon enrollment

      Remaining $275 due by August 25th




Please contact Vanya for registration information.