Eve, Creative Transgression, and Feminine Sacred

Fall 2019

“To understand why the Eden story is so important

we have to remember the extraordinary way origin myths operate in our psyches. 

In a way humans are not made of skin and bone as much as we’re made of stories. 

The Eden myth perhaps more than any other floats in our cells,

informing our vision of ourselves and the world.”

~ Sue Monk Kidd

Creation myths are deeply important and have an instrumental and dialogical relationship with our ways of being in the world, interacting with and informing our conceptions about our daily struggles and our imagination around the nature of reality. 


The Eden story, the predominant creation story in the Western tradition, has been largely caught in a literal and singular interpretation and Eve has been violently cast into exile in the human world, representing not only the literal original woman and all women, but also becoming the cause of all depravity and suffering in the world. 

In the traditional interpretation of the Eden story, Eve was not only cast out of the Garden when she reached for that forbidden fruit, she was also cast out of her mythic home, landing heavily into the realm of humanity.  Literalized as the first woman, Eve has been forced to serve as a universal representation for all females: Eve became Everywoman and every woman became Eve.   


As it is traditionally interpreted, the moment of Eve’s transgression brought with it exile from home, subjugation of women, shame of the body, and a cursed Earth.  If this image is taken literally, Woman holds the fall of humanity from divine grace in her guilty hands. 

As a result of her transgressive act, women are forced to live under the rule of men and humanity is forced to wander on cursed ground as all of Nature falls out of sacredness into depravity.  Here, the act of listening to the knowing of the animal voice and the act of taking Nature into the Body bring pervasive death and severance from sacred belonging.   

However, if we look more closely at this myth and at the mythic Eve, we find so much more there...


Eve’s mythic roots reveal her close link to the goddess traditions, to the wisdom of the body and nature, and to the ways of knowing that have been largely lost to us in the modern world.  The archetypal Eve shows us a specific dynamic, a mirror of a particular experience.   She offers us a way of creative transgression through communion into new ways of being and knowing.     


During the retreat we will explore these themes.  We will have time of reflection, teaching, discussion, and movement.  And of course, there will be time for relaxing and doing your own thing or socializing!  





Fall 2019

Friday, Oct 25th evening through Sunday Oct 27th midday


Bellingham Area


$375 ~  includes lodging, food, and all activities  



Participation in one of the courses/workshops or in individual work with me is a prerequisite for participating in this retreat.  

Please contact me if you are interested in participating in this retreat!