Individual Sessions

Cultivating Depth and Meaning Through Soulful Accompaniment

"Life moves by practicality, soul moves by magic."

Thomas Moore

We are generally accustomed to looking at our lives through the perspective of the daytime ego world.  In the light of the sun we can problem solve, strengthen our will, increase social adjustment, and advance our goals.  Soul work is different.


Soul tending is more like being in moonlight, rather than in solar clarity.  Soul care is not about fixing, curing, problem solving, improving or saving. 


It is about deep listening, careful attention, and befriending what may scare us because it doesn’t fit our ideas about ourselves.  It is about learning the art of growing down into our lives. 


Rather than strive to reach a distant goal, fix a problem we don’t like, or fit our lives into a prescribed shape or path, we slow down, pay attention, and let everything belong. 


Soul care is about the sacredness of everyday, mundane, muddy life.

If you are feeling thirsty for depth and for making more meaning out of your everyday life, if you crave space for creative crafting of your stories, for deep attention to the mysteries of your life and fate, and if you want to learn soul care practices (such as dream work and active imagination), individual sessions may be a fruitful container for this work.


On the other hand, if you are in acute psychological or psychiatric crisis, if you are in need of immediate solutions to pressing problems, or if you are looking for tools to further specific goals, it is likely that psychotherapy would serve you best at this time.   Please carefully consider what is calling to you right now.

Please contact me if you are interested in individual sessions.

Please note, these individual sessions are not psychotherapy and I am not a licensed therapist or counselor.