"I could very calmly go wild...

We can live any way we want...  The thing is to stalk your calling in a certain skilled and supple way, to locate the most tender and live spot and plug into that pulse.  

This is yielding, not fighting.

I think it would be well, and proper, and obedient, and pure, to grasp your one necessity and not let it go, to dangle from it limp wherever it takes you.  Then even death, where you're going no matter how you live, cannot you part."

~ Annie Dillard



Intensives are personalized courses that offer the opportunity for you to dive more intensely into deep inquiry and soul work through carefully crafted courses, personalized just for you.

The Way It Works…


You choose one of the three base tracks to start from.   Then we meet and talk about what you would like to focus on and dive more deeply into and we will also discuss your learning style.   I will then craft the course for you!


These courses usually last about three months.  We will decide together what format works best for you.  For example, we could meet once a week for 90 minutes or every other week for 3 hours.  


You will have reading assignments, reflections and writing prompts each week, depending on what we craft together based on your interests and learning style.   When we meet we will discuss the readings and themes you have been diving into during that session.  Also, our times together, no matter what your focus is, will weave in basic depth psychological practices like dream tending, active imagination, and ritual.


Three Base Tracks


1. Soulful Living and the Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life


2. Introduction to Depth Psychology


3. Feminine Sacred and Goddess Traditions



*Special Rate Until Summer 2019!*

If you start a course before July 1st, the cost is $175/mo. ($525 total tuition)


After July 1st, 2019, the rates will go up to $225/mo ($625 total)

Invite a Friend Option: 

If you invite a friend or friends to participate in the same course with you, we will add $50 per extra person/mo.  This will decrease the cost for each person and also offer that communal aspect as you walk through the learning with others!

Please contact me if you are interested in discussing an Intensive ~  


I have a few spots open for the spring and would love to hear from you!