A Day in Nature and Story

June 29th

Carkeek Park


Ecopsychology is a field that seeks to reclaim a vision and an experience of an ecology that includes humanity, and a psychology that includes ecology.    


It seeks to reclaim the vision of a humanity that knows in its bones, in its soft rolling flesh, and it its warm pulsating bloodlines that it belongs to a much greater ecological system that includes the more-than-human world. 


It belongs to the world of animals, trees, soil, and rain.  Humanity is embedded in a complex ecological system. 


Ecopsychology seeks to reclaim what has been largely lost in modernity, that is, a human sense of deep connection, of mutual participation, and of unwavering belonging with and to Nature. 


In this vision, we return to what we are made of, or more accurately, we see what we are made of and feel it with our fingertips, we taste it, smell it; we feel Nature’s cadence beating in the depths of our bodies.  


As we inquire into this home, we move into the experience and understanding of the reciprocal relationship of all things.  


One of the ways in which to reclaim this experience and sensibility is through the ancient practice wandering in the more-than-human world and paying attention, looking for the medicine it offers.   


Recognizing these themes across various cultures, ecopsychologists Meredith Little and Steven Foster have sought to bring this practice back into the Western world, which is especially relevant to us as we are in a crisis of rootlessness and isolation.  They call their approach the “Four Shields” approach, which serves as a “psychological paradigm” – in other words, a map, a way of wandering through and understanding our experience in the world, a way of telling our stories. 


For this day, we will spend time orienting our selves to the Four Shields and the meaning of the four directions in this tradition, as one of the ways of deepening into and understanding our experiences and stories.  We will then each go on a solo walk into the park, paying close attention and perceiving our surroundings.  After the walk, we will gather again and have a time of story telling and sharing.     






A Day in Nature and Story

Saturday, June 29th

9 am - 4 pm

Carkeek Park

Cost: $125 (does not include lunch)


Please contact Vanya if you are interested and would like registration information.