Myth, Dreams, & Soul -Making

an introductory course in Jungian and archetypal studies

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“Our lives are on loan to the psyche for a while. 
During this time we are its caretakers who try to do for it what we can.”

-James Hillman

In this course we will dive into the world of depth psychology, specifically we will explore the landscape and language of Jungian and archetypal studies.  We will dig into Jung’s ideas—including archetypes, synchronicities, complexes, dreams, the collective unconscious and shadow—and we will discuss and explore what he meant by the process of individuation. 


Building on Jung’s view of an archetypal reality, we will to traverse into the world of archetypal psychology, with its dynamic mythic figures and untamable dream images.  We will walk into a perspective that sees the soul-spark in each thing, in each event.  As we move beyond a view of a skin-encased soul into a view of an ensouled world, we will seek to move into a spirit of deep participation with a living world rather than a posture of mastery over a world where the only life belongs to humans.  


In other words, through these inquiries we will cultivate an understanding that soul and psyche do not live inside us; we live in the midst of psyche, we live in soul.  Moving into this sensibility, we open the possibility of seeing a world re-enchanted and of finding the magic of the mundane.


This course is meant for those who want to enrich their lives personally and/or professionally.   Please note that it is not lead by a licensed therapist and is not clinically oriented.  The course involves academic learning as well as experiential engagement. 


There are weekly readings and reflection prompts, as well as monthly gatherings.  During our monthly gatherings we seek to interact with the material through intellectual inquiry, deep conversation, ritual, and reflection.  Hopefully, participants will not only learn ideas intellectually but also allow them to sink in and become a part of daily life.

Topics covered include the following:

  • The Unconscious and the Underworld

  • Metaphor and the Metaphoric Sensibility

  • Individuation: Jung’s Map of the Psyche

  • Complexes: The Royal Road to the Unconscious

  • Dream Tending: A Depth Psychological Approach

  • Introduction to Archetypal Psychology

  • Soul-Making

  • Psyche and Matter: Nature and Body in Depth Psychology

  • Synchronicity

  • Psyche and the Sacred: The Religious Function of the Psyche

  • The Anima Mundi: The Soul of the World


*Please do note that this course is not offered by a licensed mental health practitioner and is not clinically oriented.

Interested?  Schedule a call with me to talk about the course!  Please include days/times in the next couple of weeks that might work for you.