Soul Tending Sessions


During these one-on-one sessions we focus on tending soul—that is, seeing and experiencing life events and experiences through a soul perspective, focusing on the needs and desires of soul. 

A soul perspective can transform events in to deep experiences.  In other words, if we want to deepen beyond the surface of our lives we do it through soul.


If you are feeling thirsty for depth and for making more meaning out of your everyday life, if you crave space for creative crafting of your stories, for deep attention to the mysteries of your life and fate, and if you want to learn soul care practices (such as dream work and active imagination), Soul Tending Sessions may be a fruitful container for this work.

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Certificate Course

This is a nine-month introductory course on Jungian and archetypal studies.  It includes weekly reading and writing assignments and a monthly full day in-person session with a small group.  This course runs anually from September through May.
This is a an opportunity for those who are interested in inquiring more deeply into this field and are not ready or interested in committing to a graduate school program.
The curriculum includes topics such as individuation, archetypes, active imagination, soul-making, complexes, dream work, symbol, and myth.  
Please click here for more inforamtion on the certificate course.

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops are full day events featuring a variety of topics, activities, and guest speakers.  They vary from theoretical, lecture-based models to experiential, expressive models of learning and engaging with the material.
By engaging with ideas and themes through thought, movement, expressive arts, and community, we seek to honor the whole psyche -- cultivating our participation in the world as whole, embodied people.

Our Seminars are shorter events offered to the community as a space for discussion around relevant topics.
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Circles are small, intimate groups that come together to explore a variety of themes. Usually, we gather around a myth, a specific question, an image, or relevant issue, and adumbrate around it through conversation, reflection, writing, artistic expression, movement, and storytelling. 


As though circling around a small fire that warms, we circle around the myth, image, or theme taking in what is offered and moving further into the realm of soul.


These are weekly meetings.  Each series lasts between 4 and 12 weeks.  Click here for upcoming events.      


We offer educational classes on a variety of topics and themes, such as dreamwork, archetypes, and active imagination.  While Circles tend to be more experiential, these short classes usually involve more theoretical and lecture-based learning.

Our classes usually last between 3-12 weeks and involve one group meeting per week as well as reading, writing, and reflective assignments.
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  Cermony and Ritual

Ritual and ceremony are profoundly significant to the life of the soul.  Sadly, these sacred containers have been largely lost in the pace and paradigm of modern life.


These offerings are here to support indiviuals and communities in times of transition and in moments of initiation.  These may include a birth, a beginning or end of a relationship, a new spiritual or vocational season, and a variety of other threshold moments.

After an initial meeting to discuss what is desired and needed, a personalized ritual or ceremony will be created and facilitated.

Please contact Vanya if you are interested in setting up an initial consultation.

Personalized Courses

Personalized courses are intended to facilitate a deeper engagement with a specific area of interest within the fields of Jungian and archetypal psychology.  The topics of study vary widely and may include working with dreams, myth, symbol, complexes, etc.   The topics may also include issues like cultivating soulful daily practices, the sacred feminine, embodied vocation, or a focus on a particular myth or author.   


After an initial consultation, a personalized program of study is created.  The program includes weekly meetings (via phone, Skype, or in-person) and guided reading, writing, and reflective activities intended to facilitate learning and deepening into your particular area of interest.


If you have an area of interest you would like to discuss, please contact Vanya for a free consultation appointment.


During retreats -- using the containers of myth, art, conversation, movement, storytelling, meditation, silence, reading, and writing -- we leave our daily routines and carve out spaces for self-discovery, reflection, and the naming of our experiences.

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Guided solitary retreats are also available.  These involve an intitial consultation, where we discuss your particular needs and desires.  Then, a personalized retreat plan is made and offered to you.  One debriefing session after your retreat is included.
Please contact Vanya if you are interested in this option.

Please note that, while these groups, courses, and programs are psycho-educational and psycho-active, they are not therapy groups and, unless otherwise noted, are not lead by a licensed therapist.  If you are in acute psychological or psychiatric distress or crisis and are looking for psychotherapy, please seek out a licensed therapist or analyst in your area.  Please carefully consider whether it is a time for you to partake in this kind of soulwork or psychotherapy-or perhaps both. 

“Enchantment is the oldest form of medicine” 

- Carl Jung