A Year of Re-Enchantment

Honoring the Seasons with Intention and Community

Now Enrolling for Fall 2020

“Enchantment is the oldest form of medicine” 

- Carl Jung

In the Western tradition, we are ill from having lost touch with our roots.  As we severed ourselves from our home ~ Earth and Body ~ we lost the ability to see and experience a living and dynamic world, teaming with drama, creativity, and spirit.  In other words, in an age that has emphasized reason, transcendence, and spirit-less matter, we have become untethered from the body, from the soil, and from place.


We have lost our sense of enchantment.


In this twelve-month course, we will enter into the rhythms of the seasons, within and without, and seek to return to our roots.  And as we return to our roots, we will deepen our participation in the great “web of life” of which we are a part.  We will reclaim a sense of enchantment and wonder as we participate deeply in the world in which we live.


We will explore these seasons through community, ritual, and intention. 


Leaning into the rich and fertile admixture of ideas, stories, experiences, and wisdom from the fields of ecopsychology, feminine spirituality, and archetypal psychology, we will cultivate a participatory way of being in the world.


In other words, we will be re-enchanted.

Course will include teachings, discussions, and rituals around:

~Equinoxes and Solstices

~ The cyclical phases of the moon

~The natural cycles of the body

~Trusting intuition and deep knowing

Please contact me know if you are interested in participating in this course!

A Few More Details

During this course, we will meet once a month for 12 months in the Seattle area.

In between our gatherings you will have some reading assignments, reflection prompts, and experiential exercises.   


Interested? Schedule a call with me to talk about the course!  Please include times/days in the next couple of weeks that might work for you!