Ongoing Sessions

During these one-on-one sessions we focus on tending soul—that is, seeing and experiencing life events and experiences through a soul perspective, focusing on the needs and desires of soul. 


Here we are not talking about soul as an immortal substance or skin-encased thing.  We are talking about soul as the mystery between things, as that which connects us to meaning and is associated with depth.  A soul perspective can transform events into deep experiences.  In other words, if we want to deepen beyond the surface of our lives, we do it through soul.

In soul tending, we are cultivating eyes that see the magic in the mundane and falling into the re-enchantment of daily life.

Soul Tending Sessions may include:


Deep Listening


Dream Work

Active Imagination

Somatic Engagement

 Soul Tending Sessions are Not:




Result-Oriented or Focused on Problem Solving

A Self Improvement Program

Ongoing sessions are 90 min. long and we will set a regular time to meet. 

These are usually biweekly or monthly sessions.  We will discuss what works for you!


90 minute sessions: $150 ($100/hr)

***Online/Distance Sessions now available

Please contact me if you are interested.